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and provide evidence to youth, or adults, that may struggle with scientific and philosophical information or ideas counter to their Christian beliefs

Arguments in brief

The cosmological argument is an argument for a ‘first cause’ of the universe. Since everything that begins to exist has a cause, and our universe began to exist, it must have an original first cause. Christians call that first cause God.

The teleological argument is an argument based on the apparent design, (and fine tuning) of the universe. Apparent design can be observed in biological and mathematical, (the laws of nature) systems.

The moral argument, as William Lane Craig put it, has to do with the difference between what is good/bad and right/wrong. Good and bad have to do with the worth or value of something while right and wrong have to do with an obligation, or more specifically a moral obligation.

The ontological argument is more of a philosophical argument, and Anselm of Canterbury, who was a monk and philosopher, provided the first such argument.

The documentation for historical argument is overwhelming. No other ancient text is so supported by various manuscripts which include eyewitness accounts. Not only accounts by the Gospel writers themselves, but by other non-Christian historians.

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About Knowing for Sure

Knowing for Sure is a website dedicated to glorify God and provide evidence to youth, or adults, who may struggle with scientific and philosophical information counter to their Christian beliefs.

James, is an educator who thoroughly enjoys teaching middle-school grades. He has taught at all grade levels, kindergarten to high school, but due to circumstances beyond his control, he had to move to middle-school. After a year of teaching Jr. High, he realized it was the perfect fit and has not looked back. He has always enjoyed the outdoors, hunting, backpacking, and the martial arts. 

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