Bill Nye on abortion

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Bill Nye on abortion

Not long ago, Bill Nye-the Science Guy posted a video about abortion, or women’s rights concerning the choice of abortion.

No doubt this is a difficult issue, and I have recently tackled the problem of abortion from the most difficult perspective of rape and incest. So responding to a pro-choice video with relatively short replies hardly does the issue justice.

Nevertheless, I decided it would be worth my time to respond within the context of the video, as opposed to someone watching the video and then hoping they would read my two or three page response in a blog post.




  1. Wow, James – I cannot believe the absolute inarticulate rubbish this guy spewed! This is how you can tell when a scientific person goes off script and abandons objective reasoning because they’re trying to justify something that doesn’t fit within their framework. When I’ve heard him speak before on science stuff, he makes sense, but here it’s just nonsense. He should be called Bill Nye the Non-Science Guy in this case.

    • 🙂 Thanks Heath. As Gloria and I listened to it the first time, my arms were waving around in the air due to his poor and irrelevant reasoning.

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