Some of you may have noticed the Knowing for Sure face lift. It has taken me about two weeks and quite a few hours to move from Weebly software to WordPress, but it will be well worth it.
You will note on the right side bar the recent posts and recent comments area. Just below that is the e-mail subscription for Knowing for Sure. Below that is the categories area if you want to look up specific topics that I have posted about. Finally you have the monthly archives, and the calendar below that.

On the front page of Knowing for Sure you will find information about each of the arguments under Arguments in Brief, Tips on using this site, and finally some information about me. Below that you will see a Multi Media Bar that highlights the most recent blog posts and each has a thumbnails that corresponds to a category, for the visual learners. 🙂

Finally I want to mention the 2013 Online Apologetics Conference
The theme is Abortion and Apologetics with some great speakers.
Gary Habermas
Ryan MacPherson
Holly Ordway
Anthony Horvath
and Greg Koukl to name a few.
Cost is only $19.95 and if you are unable to stream the sessions they will all be recorded and you can listen to them any time you please.

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