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The Miracle of Existence

Boys do it naturally, sometimes by the early age of three or four. Girls, not so much; they are too busy making conversation to worry about the Doppler effect. Ever watch girls play with dolls or stuffed animals? They (the animals or dolls) are chatting about this or...
Youtube video worth watching

Who made God?

Is An Alien Message Embedded In Our Genetic Code? Read the article if you’re inclined, but I want to point out the common misconception that was stated in the very last sentence of this science article. Ray Villard said, “And, even if the genetic code is...
Youtube video worth watching

We Live in a Black Hole?

According to Nikodem Poplawski in an article he published with, “Our universe may exist in a black hole. It sounds strange, but it could actually be the best explanation of how the universe began…” I thought to myself this should be good, so I...
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